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Mysterious Barcelona, the Secrets of the Gothic Quarter

This Barcelona walking tour off the beaten track is a journey into the arcane, a trip into the hidden world of oddities. We discover strange, hidden things that an uninitiated passers-by probably would overlook. You will get to know the city from a new perspective, which you will not find described in any travel book: bizarre, odd and sometimes amazing.We explore mysterious corners, and on our search for curious and outlandish things we unearth secrets, decipher strange signs and crack the code of mysterious symbols.


Only bookable as private tour.
Send us a booking request by filling out the contact form. You will then receive an offer for the private tour.

This tour can only be booked as a private tour!



Price for private tour (per group):


1-2 persons: 160 € (132,23 € plus 21 % tax)

3-4 persons: 170 € (140,50 € plus 21 % VAT)

5-6 persons: 180 € (148,76 € plus 21% VAT)

7-8 persons 190 € (157,02 € plus 21% VAT)

10 persons: 200 € (165,29 € plus 21% VAT)

each additional person 10 € (8,26 € plus 21% VAT)

Meeting point: Plaça d’Urquinaona 9 ( Metro Station Urquinaona) opposite Theatre Borrás Barcelona, Spain

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