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    Measures against Covid 19 on our Barcelona tours

The lockdown is over. Barcelona city tours are possible again after Covid 19.
We are very much looking forward to welcoming you back to Catalonia after the long period of quarantine and to taking you on a tour of discovery. We want you to have fun, but we don't want to be reckless. Your health has the highest priority. We have taken precautions to ensure that our Barcelona city tours are safe.
But these measures only work if we work together.


Before the tour:
At the meeting point, your Barcelona guide will not be allowed to shake your hand to greet you. In these difficult times we must avoid all physical contact.
Before the start of the tour each participant will receive a sterile protective mask we bought for you at the pharmacy. Masks are compulsory indoors and in the streets. 
Please keep a safe distance at the meeting point if you do not yet have a mask or protective screen.


During and after the tour:

During the tour you should avoid touching potentially contaminated surfaces (railings, door knobs, barriers, etc.).
But don't worry if it does happen. Your guide has plenty of disinfectant wipes and also liquid disinfectants with him.
On our Barcelona tours coffee and pee breaks are included. Your guide will also be there with a bottle of hydroalcoholic solution should you need some.
While we stroll through the streets, the safety distance (1.5 m) between the participants and the guide must be maintained despite the mask.
Your guide will often remind you of the protocol safety measures during the Barcelona city tour. We hope that this will not diminish your fun. We just want you to feel safe and relaxed.
After the tour we unfortunately also have to do without shaking hands. Any physical contact is taboo in these times of social distancing, even when saying goodbye.


Group size and minimum distance
 Our English speaking Barcelona tours can be booked as private tours. Since it is a private event, you decide how big the group is going to e.  From 15 pax and more we will hire a second guide and form two groups to ensure the required safety distance during the tour.

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