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Barcelona Gourmet Tour

This mouth watering Barcelona gourmet tour is a leisurely journey of culinary discovery during which we stroll through exciting districts of the old town. We walk, we stop, we marvel and we eat. Then we saunter to another food temple and do it again. You definitely won’t go away hungry.

We begin our gourmet tour at one of the most emblematic cafés of Barcelona, where a traditional beverage loved by young and old alike was invented in the 1920ies.  At the Boquería market try our first morsel of delicious jamón. And since we can resist anything but temptation, we are going to have some more at another emblematic place, where we also have cheese and chorizo.

And in order to be merry, we are going to have a few sips of  wine as well.

We venture to a place called heaven where we are surrounded by pure magic concocted by nuns. Not far from this pleasure dome we try churros, which are deep-fried and sprinkled with sugar right before our eyes.

On our tour you will encounter many more irresistible temptations and delicious delights. But beware: this is no day for dieting.We take you to different  places and tell you a little bit about them, and then we relish what they have prepared for us.

All the places we go to are traditional family owned restaurants and bars , some of them from the 19th and early 20th century.

This tour can only be booked as a private tour!

The tour always starts at 4.30 pm


Price for preparation and supervision by the guide:

Price according to arrangement

Included in the price: 3. 5 hour tour

Not included: We do the tour, you pay for food and drink.  This way the tour is easier to invoice and also cheaper.  And you don't get a flat-rate tour.


Meeting point: Umbrella house Casa Bruno Quadros, under the big dragon, Ramblas 80


Only bookable as private tour.
Send us a booking request by filling out the contact form. You will then receive an offer for the private tour.

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