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The Secrets of the Raval

On this Barcelona tour we venture deep into the the Raval.

You explore how over the centuries this former garden district of nuns, monks and lepers turned into that bustling raucous proletarian and anarchistic beehive of the industrial revolution.

You visit a former convent which is now one of the most avant-garde cultural centres, discover 19th century authentic bars and stroll along crooked streets, where prostitutes and anarchists once roamed and desperate mothers left their children. Have a look at the “cathedral of the senses”, pass a haunted theatre and visit the enchanting gardens of a medieval hospital, which still harbours many secrets.

Encounter novelists and prominent figures who have helped shape this neighbourhood over the years.


Hear more about the bitter fate of the charismatic Sugar Boy and Gaudi’ s tragic end.

During our tour you also learn a bit about modern city planning and find out how Barcelona managed to breathe life into this once derelict dark and run down district.

Enjoy this fascinating and unknown part of Barcelona and discover how people live in the Raval today.


Only bookable as private tour.
Send us a booking request by filling out the contact form. You will then receive an offer for the private tour.

This tour can only be booked as a private tour!


Price for private tour (per group):


1-2 persons: 160 € (132,23 € plus 21 % tax)

3-4 persons: 170 € (140,50 € plus 21 % VAT)

5-6 persons: 180 € (148,76 € plus 21% VAT)

7-8 persons 190 € (157,02 € plus 21% VAT)

10 persons: 200 € (165,29 € plus 21% VAT)

each additional person 10 € (8,26 € plus 21% VAT)


Meeting point: Hard Rock Café at the Plaça de Catalunya.

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