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Barcelona Gothic Quarter Discovery Tour

Catalan kings and medieval townsfolk may have long since vanished, but during our walking tour through the old town of Barcelona they will come back to life. You will see: these ancient stones can talk. And they have quite a story to tell.


Yet Barcelona is not a museum full of relics collecting dust. We stroll through a bustling Mediterranean metropolis, where life pulsates in the streets. Barcelona constantly reinvents itself, old and new merge and create a unique, colourful tapestry.

This tour can only be booked as a private tour!



Price for private tour (per group):


1-4 persons:  180 € (148,76 € plus 21% VAT))

5-7 persons: 190 € (157,02 € plus 21% VAT)

8 -10 persons 200 € (165,29 € plus 21% VAT)

each additional person 10 € (8,26 € plus 21% VAT)


- Roman luxury and Roman ruins

- A small church, built by crusaders

- A Roman cemetery

- The cathedral and the surrounding area

- Something by Picasso

- A medieval building once home of a creepy brotherhood.

- The Jewish Quarter: Remnants of a Vanished World

- More medieval buildings, each of them has a story to tell.

- Plaza Jaume

- Dragons and bats

- A romantic square and the scars of the Spanish Civil War

- A Gothic theme park: houses are also moving, stone by stone.

- Royal Palace

- The Church of Santa Maria del Mar: the first community project

- Culinary highlights and superlatives

- Legends and Heroes

- The Mulberry Cemetery, last resting place of Catalan heroes

- A square where knights once jousted

- A house cut in half

- and much more ...

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Open Gothic Tours are held in German.

English tours available as Private Tours.

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