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The enchanting gardens of Montjuic

In the distant past Barcelona’s local mountain was nothing but a deserted wasteland and a quarry. Things however were about to change. In 1908 the city bought the Finca Laribal on the west slope and turned its terrain into a magnificent park. In the years prior to the World Fair of 1929, the wasteland of Montjuic was gradually transformed into a thriving cultural landscape. Since then an array of breathtakingly beautiful parks and enchanting gardens have been created.

Landscapers dreamt up Moorish gardens that remind the wanderer of the Generalife, the summer palace of the Alhambra.

Pergolas, exotic trees from all over the world, the soothing sound of flowing water, the pleasant rustling of leaves, blossoms and the refreshing coolness of a summer breeze invite you to idly linger and lose yourself in reverie.

On this Barcelona walking tour we stroll from park to park, we linger and rejoice in the beauty of it all. You will see: the view from up here is spectacular.

We start the tour at Plaça Espanya, where we  have a look at the famous pavilion of Mies van der Rohe and stroll through the grounds of the former World Exhibition of 1929. Enjoying the beautiful surroundings we saunter to the gardens of the Greek Theatre. From there we climb the hanging gardens and terraces of the Laribal, walk to the magical cat spring, visit the Olympic Stadium and make a detour to the botanical garden. Then we walk through the gardens near the old fort, enjoy the view of the harbour and the city. Finally, we finish the tour at the Gardens of Miramar. From there you have the possibility to glide over the harbour in the famous aerial cableway.


Only bookable as private tour.
Send us a booking request by filling out the contact form. You will then receive an offer for the private tour.

This tour can only be booked as a private tour!



Price for private tour (per group):


1-2 persons: 160 € (132,23 € plus 21 % tax)

3-4 persons: 170 € (140,50 € plus 21 % VAT)

5-6 persons: 180 € (148,76 € plus 21% VAT)

7-8 persons 190 € (157,02 € plus 21% VAT)

10 persons: 200 € (165,29 € plus 21% VAT)

each additional person 10 € (8,26 € plus 21% VAT)

Meeting point: Plaça Espanya, Avinguda Reina Maria Cristina, opposite the Venetian Towers, metro station Plaça Espanya

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