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Barcelona Ghost Tour

Let us put a spell on you. This tour is an eerily beautiful nocturnal stroll through Barcelona’s shadowy worlds of desire, lust, tragedy, death and damnation. During our walking tour, which is definitely not for the faint hearted, you will encounter prostitutes, witches, ghosts, evil priests and executioners.

So beware! It could easily happen that during our tour you sense a cold spot in a dark alley or you might feel the icy breath of a ghost down your neck. 

But we do not only talk about fantastic legends and spooky tales from the crypt, we also unearth scary secrets from the past and explore the real horrors of the Inquisition and the penal system of the Middle Ages, a time when the Catholic Church permeated every area of existence, the world was inexplicable, superstition ruled people’s lives  and the executioner did not think twice.

Be assured: You are going to feel real dread when you encounter the vampires of Barcelona, whose atrocities were discovered by chance in 1912. Caution!!  Because when you hear what she did the blood in your veins is going to curdle.

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Open Gothic Tours are held in German.

English tours available as Private Tours.

For an English private tour just click on English Tour.

This tour can only be booked as a private tour!



Price for private tour (per group):

1-2 persons: 160 € (132,23 € plus 21 % tax)

3-4 persons: 170 € (140,50 € plus 21 % VAT)

5-6 persons: 180 € (148,76 € plus 21% VAT)

7-8 persons 190 € (157,02 € plus 21% VAT)

10 persons: 200 € (165,29 € plus 21% VAT)

each additional person 10 € (8,26 € plus 21% VAT)

Meeting point: Liceu, La Rambla 61, underground station Liceu, Green Line.

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